Your enterprise app, our framework.

With our ‘app’ object, you can develop a full application using html, images, javascript, even include your favourite framework such as jquery. Zip it up, upload it to the cloud and our system will take care of the display, distribution, & updates automatically. And with apps being like regular objects, you can split the screen with multiple apps, layer apps over oneanother, and load different apps in to different channels for advanced scheduling. You can even mix your custom apps with other objects such as movies, pictures, and sequences. Forget large expensive custom network solutions, use the signchro automated system instead. We can even license our system for different hardware should your project require it.


If you have a need for a scalable enterprise rollout but don't want the expense of a highly customised distribution system then look no further. Utilise signchros rock solid system to host your custom app, and control all the updates, distribution & display without you having to lift a finger - all managed via the cloud from anywhere on the planet. Useful for systems that need custom scripting & ajax applications such as Airport arrivals & departure boards, Train schedules & Bus timetables, Restaurant seating availability, or even queue ticketing systems. With your custom app you can tap in to any of your local systems without hassles, while leaving the distribution and display to us.

We're speaking your language

Use any javascript, html, or php toolkits that you or your team are comfortable with.  All apps are packaged up complete with the libraries & graphics they require.

Save time developing with the languages and tools that you know, using the distribution and display services of signchro.

Real-world interfacing
Relays, Serial, Web
Products to suit your needs
Signchro can be customised to hardware that scales to your requirements.
Secure Proxy
Supports authenticated proxy connections
Schedule your apps
Apps can be placed within different channels allowing for different apps to be scheduled for different times.
More than one
Because apps act just like a regular signchro object, more than one can be placed on-screen at any time.
Strong by nature
Built on a customised server-grade linux, the signchro platform has reliability at its core

Powered by signchro

An advanced digital signage platform which is the result of over 8 years of research, development, and commercial successes.  Our aim is to reduce the overall support costs typically associated with traditional digital signage systems, while improving the flexibility of the system.

Signchro has achieved this by a number of key factors:

  • Source the most energy efficient players with the least moving parts, yet with amazing power to drive the most animated displays
  • Significantly reduce IT support requirements by moving the content management to the cloud
  • Reduce the complexity of Audio/Video setups by allowing direct-to-tv cabling options as standard
  • Lower graphic (and graphics software) costs by providing the integrated tools and stock to create any attention grabbing display

These along with other features and advancements allow for a high quality digital signage solution without the complexities and limitations of others.

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